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Anvisa updates rules for labeling of personal care products, cosmetics and perfumes (RDC 499)

In May 2021, an update of the RDC 499, established in November 2020, was made. The Collegiate Board Resolution required that the chemical composition of personal care, perfumes and cosmetics products sold in Brazil must be included in Portuguese on the label, until the 5th of November 2021.

The amendment establishes a new deadline for the adequacy until November 2023. Thus, having an extension of 2 years. In addition, the new RDC allows the chemical composition in Portuguese to be presented in digital format on the label, which can be read through mobile devices, such as QR Codes.

An analysis is made regarding the update of Anvisa, in order to highlight that it needs to be accompanied by the modernization of the packaging production process within these industries. That’s because quality standards need to be in accordance with international standards ISO/IEC 15416. This thorough verification consists of evaluating the average of the scanning grades classified from A to F.

According to the table established in the standard, the grade of each of the 10 scans on a single bar code is converted to a numeric value, which will be used to calculate its average. Hence, when obtaining a result between 4 and 3.5 – the corresponding total grade will be the higher one, A – and when obtaining a result between 0.4 and 0 – the corresponding grade will be the lowest – F.

This evaluation is done completely and in a few seconds by the Precision QCS and Precision Text software, using the Precision Barcode tool. The module analyzes any type of barcode that is already at the market, such as EAN 13, Pharmacode and QR Code. In this way, the quality standard according to ISO/IEC 15416 is indicated, already providing the corresponding grade and still reading the corresponding number. Thus, it is possible to avoid that the barcode does not work correctly on the readers and that the number is different from that applied on the product label.

It is necessary to emphasize that non-compliance with RDC 499 corresponds to a sanitary infraction. The modernization of packaging development helps to adapt to established standards.

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