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Manual vs Automated Review: which one is the best and why?

For a final product to reach the market, there are several steps from its conception until its commercialization. Among these steps, we come across one of the most important – and neglected – parts of the process: the revision. For a product to reach consumers, it is essential that it is perfect, which means that all aspects must be error free, including packaging, labeling and text.

Packaging errors can not only generate high costs, but also degenerate your brand and customer relationship. In addition, these errors can lead to product deterioration, contamination, consumer illness and even fatalities if the error is related to allergen information, dosage and concentration of the product. Much more common than you think, these errors occur mainly due to the mistaken construction of the packaging artwork, information inserted at the last minute and human errors.

Traditionally, manual reviewing methods have been put in place to ensure the product quality and accuracy. However, as globalization began to spread around the world, consumer demand has grown and these methods have become obsolete.

The first problem of non-automated reviews starts from manual input data, which potentially introduces errors to the process. The automated tools can perform tasks with highest performance and precision, unlike manual work. In this way, risk is reduced and unnecessary compliance expenses are saved. Not to mention that a human workforce (wages, computers, office rent, etc.) will cost much more than any online software.

Human error is something that cannot be controlled. By removing this variable, you will save time, money and frustration. Unlike machines, people get tired and lose focus easily. After reading the same file for a long period of time, it is common for our eyes to get used to it, which will remove the ability to identify any possible error or change in what is being reviewed.

As good as vision is, it is impossible for the human eye to be 100% accurate, when dealing with graphics, color variations, barcodes or braille, for example. With that in mind, Precision Proof Systems has developed solutions to make your business safer, more productive, efficient and automated.

Through systems such as Precision QCS and Precision Text, in a matter of seconds you can compare any type of file, different versions of artworks or even the approved artwork with printed samples and verify not only all the errors of text, colors, barcodes, Braille, etc., but also identify exactly where faults are located.

Want to know more about our systems? Contact Precision Proof Systems and learn about all the advantages we can bring to your company.

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