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Packaging playing an important role in accessibility

The packaging is a fundamental part when we are talking about accessibility in the market, it makes the connection between the product and consumer. The braille application on the packaging material is definitely an improvement in social inclusion, but unfortunately most of the food companies do not use it in their own products.

Despite braille application being mandatory in the Pharmaceutical sector, we cannot see this in other sectors. People with visual impairment have to overcome several obstacles on a daily basis, and shopping is one of the biggest challenges, mostly because of the lack of social inclusion activities in the packaging material and markets.

The packaging plays an important role in several aspects, protecting your product, brand recognition, more appealing to the consumer and last but not least, giving all the necessary information to your customer. Non-inclusive packaging is a problem that may impact the life of your customer, mostly with people with food restrictions.

The social inclusion of visually impaired people shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of themselves, the industry and government should encourage and develop social inclusive initiatives.

Nowadays the society is more focused on minorities and on people with disabilities, all the companies should embrace the social responsibility and reinforce the brand, with initiatives that can include more customers with the right information.

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