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Reasons for packaging errors in the food industry

As the food industry has grown over the years, so have the requirements and regulations for food labeling. Even though they vary from country to country, the protocols referring to packaging materials are similar and provide precise information on the labeling and preservation of the physical, chemical and sanitary integrity of food products.

Packaging materials need to be processed and approved by the correct Agency before being released on the market and labels need to be constantly inspected to minimize the chances of errors, which can lead to large losses for companies.

Packaging mistakes can not only cause stress, but also damage your brand and customer relationship. In addition, these errors can lead to product deterioration, contamination, consumer illness and even fatalities if the error is related to allergen information. Much more common than you think, these errors are mainly due to packaging art, last minute information and human error.

All industries, including food, use the art of packaging to create a brand identity that consumers feel comfortable buying. However, packaging waste is increasingly attracting the attention of ecologically conscious customers. For this reason, it is important to be aware that the products are being properly packaged so that they do not harm the planet with the waste of unnecessary materials.

In addition, some products have similar artwork or packaging design and are more susceptible to inspection errors. At this point, the inspector may not notice the difference between the arts, due to the similarities, and proceed with the packaging process.

In the food industry, changes are quite frequent, which means we need to adapt and respond to these changes quickly and, most of the time, at the last minute. Consequently, due to last minute information and high production demand, errors can also increase. Text issues (last minute information that is very important and has not been added to the packaging), barcode error and product being packaged incorrectly are some of the main errors that often occur.

Finally, another extremely common problem is when printing the package. Typing errors, for example, are very recurrent, and once a misspelled word in a package is released, it’s hard to get it back, as reversing this problem turns out to be very expensive.

To avoid these complications, Precision Proof Systems has its own systems for reviewing spelling errors, color differences (PANTONE, CMYK), printing problems, lack of information, changed text, divergent barcodes and layout, and incorrect text formatting and Braille.

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