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Understand how PPS will automatize the process of revision according to the new rules of RDC 429 & IN 75 by Anvisa.

On October 9th 2020, new rules for food labeling were published in the Official Federal Gazette, through the Collegiate Board Resolution – RDC No. 429/2020 and in the Normative Instruction – IN No. 75/2020. The first deals with the nutrition labeling of packaged foods and the second establishes the technical requirements for the declaration of nutrition labeling on packaged foods.

This is technically old news, but its biggest impact is expected this year, as ANVISA has determined that this rule will be valid 2 years after publication. Therefore, the deadline for adaptation is expected to be October 9th, 2022. It is also worth mentioning that products that are already on the market still have a longer deadline for adaptation (October 09th, 2023).

In any case, companies, agencies and suppliers are already having a great impact, as changing labeling, artwork and packaging is usually a complex process that impacts several areas of the company and depends on many approvals and revisions until everything is ready for the customer.

Among the main changes, there are two that deserve highlight: the general presentation format of nutrients and their declaration in the nutrition information table and the adoption of frontal nutrition labeling for foods with nutrients considered relevant to the health of the consumer, such as sodium, sugars and saturated fats that were added.


This proposal by ANVISA aims to improve the clarity and legibility of nutritional information present in foods for the final consumer, making it easier to understand what is being consumed, a fact that is in line with current trends where people are increasingly concerned with their eating habits.

Precision Proof Systems already has ideal systems for reviewing labeling, sayings and texts in artwork and images.


Precision Proof Systems‘ softwares are the most effective and modern software on the market, capable of combining text and image matching tools with OCR technology to identify divergences, missing or added information, grammatical problems in several languages, graphic details, dimensional and more.


In addition, identifying this new market demand, Precision Proof Systems is in the final stage of developing tools with regulatory intelligence for automatic review of nutritional tables according to RDC 429 and IN 75. These novelties will be integrated with the review software already consolidated by Precision Proof Systems, which already serve companies in the food, cosmetic, veterinary, pharmaceutical, graphic, consumer goods, chemical sectors, among others in Brazil, Latin America, North America, Europe and Africa.

Stay tuned to Precision Proof Systems posts and articles, more news will be announced soon. Do not waste time! These changes can directly impact your company and your work. Precision Proof Systems is committed to making your company’s artwork and packaging review and approval process easier, faster and safer. Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo!


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